If you keep a statue of Brass Kuber in a balanced North direction of your Building, it attracts an abundance of money and new money making opportunities.

If you place the Brass / Copper Sun symbol in the East direction, it creates powerful social associations and marketing for your product and services.

When you keep any ancient symbol (OM, Swastika, Trisul, Symbol of Trinity) in the North-East zone of the house, you establish a strong connection with universal cosmic consciousness.

Place Divine Shankh or Musical Instruments in NNE vastu Zone to Awaken natural Healing Energies and improve the healing process of the body.

Place a Pair of Galloping Red Horses in the South-East direction for the steady Cash Flow & Payment recovery.

Place Brass Deers in West Direction to overcome lethargy and stagnation in life and get Extra mileage in each and every domain of your life.

If you keep Love Birds in the South-West direction it creates a strong family bonding and mutual Understanding between Spouses.

Explore a higher level of Sexual ecstasy by placing a White Pyramid & Romantic Photograph of Wife & Husband in Yellow flame in the NNW Zone of your house.

Keep a Pair of Galloping White Horses in the North-West direction for the quick sanction of loans and Banking Support.


Make your House Money Magnet @ Vastu !!!

Money, Abundance and Prosperity uplifts and Sweetens your life. Money is an important factor in everyone’s life. Money can improve your life to a great extent, Money is an essential commodity that helps you to run your life. Today’s Scenario Money is Next important to Oxygen and Water in this world.

Money is not everything but it is almost everything in the modern context.

“It’s true that money is not the most important thing in life but money does affect everything that is important to life”- Robert Kiyosaki

How to use the principles of Vedic wisdoms of architecture to make your house Money Magnet to attract more Wealth and Abundance of Money ?“Money is not everything in life but earn enough money to do whatever you wanted to do’ – Warren Buffet

There are 3 Best Possible ways to Become Wealthy and Super Rich Personality.

Maximize your Income ( Zone of Opportunity & Zone of Gains & Profits )

Minimize your Unnecessary Expenses ( Zone of Expenditures)

Multiply your Savings & Investments ( Zone of Savings & Capital )

Magical Vastu tips to attract more Money, Abundance and Prosperity.

Balance all five Elements, Organise and Zonify your Built up space to make a conducive Living and Working environment to attract abundance of money.

# North Direction ( Zone of Money Making Opportunity & Growth );-

Place Brass Kuber / Silver Maa Laxmi/ Green Scenery or Waterfall Picture and White Pyramide to activate vibrations of Money and Opportunities.

# Attract Abundance of Money and Prosperity just shift Overhead tank and Clear old Storage, Clutters and Discarded Items from North Zone.

# Avoid Red and Yellow colours in the North wall of your house-office-factory to accelerate the momentum of money inflow and opportunities.

# Keep Musical Instruments to enhance Flow of Money & opportunity in your life.

# Just Display Blue Colour Sign Board in front of Your Shops & Showrooms to increase footfalls of Customers.

East :- ( Zone of Social Association, Marketing & Networking )

Place Copper / Brass Sun Symbol in the East Direction to make a strong social connection for money and wealth

Charge your Mobile in the East zone for the Social Networking and Marketing of your business.

Place Green Plants, Sunflowers and Rainbows for More Growth , Deeper connection, Social Circle and Personal influence In society.

Display the Paintings of a Ploughing Farmer (Hal Jotta Kisan) in the East Direction of House to Get amazing success and Best performance in marketing campaign.

South-East Zone :- ( Zone of Cash & Liquidity )

South-East direction is the fire Zone and responsible for cash flow , Liquidity And money transaction.

Accelerate your Cash flow and Money Transactions with the Pair of Red Galloping Horses”

Charge your Mobile in SE zone for the steady flow of Cash and Liquidity.

Just change blue, black and Silver colour from South-East Direction and Replace with Beautiful pink colour and any colour from Red family to overcome financial issues from your life.

South-West Zone 🙁 Zone of Earth Element and Stability in Career & Business )

* Place Ancestors photographs with a Golden frame to receive Blessing and make strong Cosmic Connection with Ancestor for more Growth, Wealth and Prosperity.

* Place Safe /Locker ( Tijori Facing towards North ) or Yellow colour Gullak/Piggy Bank for better Stability in Wealth & Monetary Savings

* Keep Brass Nandi Bull for repeated customers and long-term partnership and collaboration with Business partners and Business Organisations

* Keep your Tools like compass or any working instruments suitable for your profession to enhance your Skills and Become Influential expert in particular Domain of Life.

# West Direction ( Zone of Material Gains, Profits and Wish Fulfilment )

* Attract Windfall Gains and fastest Growth with Expansion by Placing your Wish List and Chess Board in West

* Keep B/W Round Wall Clock in the West Zone of the House to activate momentum of overall material gains and incremental Business.

* Place White Pyramide to enhance your Gains & Profits in your Life.

# North-West ( Zone of Support );-

* Ensure Financial Support by making a Store Room & Displaying pair of White Galloping Horses in this Zone.

* Display the Logo or Symbol of Company and Organisation to get more support and Favour from that particular organisation/ Company easily and Keep Saleable items for fast Movements

* Keep INVERTER in the North West zone of house to get Support and Help quickly at the time of Urgency and Need.