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Akhand Vaastu invites you to the wonderful world of Vaastu or A world beyond Vaastu. Akhand Vaastu is the holistic Indian Ancient Science of Architecture, It deals the study and Practice of Placement and Space balance.

It is the Vedic Wisdoms of Achitecture of building structures to bring Health, Wealth, Happiness and Harmony in life.

Our Akhand Vaastu Expert

Dr SURAJ K SAHOO, Ph.D (Astro-Vaastu) is Founder & Chief Consultant of Akhand Vaastu, Bangalore, Karnataka…., AWARD- Life Time Achievement Award in Scientific Vastu Shastra He has Awarded Doctorate in Vastu Shastra by Global Human Peace University & Received Samman Like Vastu Samrat , Vastu Shiromani, Jyotish Ratna & Many More. Auther of # 1 Best Seller Book – AKHAND VAASTU – The Architecture of Holistic Life. & MIRACLES with Magical Vaastu Remedies.

Dr Suraj K Sahoo, Global AstroVastu Expert (Gold Medalist), Founder & Chief Consultant of AKHAND VAASTU, Bengaluru. Akhand Vaastu is the Pioneer & Trustworthy Name in the Domain of Vaastu Corrections without any Structural Modifications across the Globe. He was Awarded Doctorate in Scientific Vastu Shastra & Vedic Astrology by Global Peace University & Indian Empire University respectively in recognition of his Contribution towards the Social Welfare & Science of Home Buildings. He Has received many Prestigious Awards Like LifeTime Achievement Award, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Peace Award, Mahatma Gandhi Excellence Award, Universal Icon Award, Global Vastu Expert, Master of Geo Energy, Best Vastu Expert in India, Vastu Samrat, Jyotish Shiromani & many More. Dr Suraj is the Author of 5 Books along with #1 Best Selling Book- “Akhand Vaastu- The Architecture of Holistic Life” & ” Vastu Miracles with 501 Magical Remedies”


Dr. Suraj K Sahoo, is a Professional Vaastu Trainer, Consultant and Vaastu Expert. He provides complete Vaastu Solutions, Training and Consultation for your proposed as well as existing Home-Office-Factory and business properties. Dr Suraj is the Scientific Vaastu as well as Mystical science Expert with experience of more than A Decade in the field of Practice, Training and Consultancy on Vaastu Shastra, Vedic Astrology & Numerology. He is a well Versed in various indian Holy Scripture and Ancient texts like VEDAS, PURANS, UPANISHADS, Viswakarma Prakash, Shiv Swarodaya Shastra & Many More.

Magical Benefits of Akhand Vaastu !!!

The Modern, Refined, Time Tested & Upgrated Version of Ancient Vedic Vastu Shastra is Akhand Vaastu !!!

  • Attract More Money Generating Opportunities
  • Awaken Healing Energy
  • Getting Peace of Mind, Magical Ideas & Spiritual Insights
  • Experice More Joy & Happiness
  • Enjoy Sound Sleep & Deep Relaxation
  • Enhance Money Inflow
  • Improve Family Bonding & Harmony
  • Discover higher degree of Sexul Ecstacy
  • Excel in Studies & Get Better Grades
  • Maximise Productivity & Profits
  • Heal your Depression & Stress

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